Wartime Pivots and Adaptation: USAID/ENGAGE Mapping of Support to and Needs of Advocacy-Focused CSOs

USAID/ENGAGE undertook a mapping of donor and advocacy-focused CSO efforts since Russia’s unprovoked invasion on February 24, 2022, to better understand how donors and CSOs adapted and learned and to identify ongoing and anticipated CSO needs.

The mapping utilized programming documents from USAID/ENGAGE and donors that highlight donor decision-making and coordination efforts between March-July; key informant interviews with select set of donors, USAID IPs, and USAID/ENGAGE institutional partners; and an online survey with 53 respondents from a wider set of advocacy-focused ENGAGE partners.

Findings suggest that donors demonstrated considerable agility in their ability to react and provide CSOs with the flexibility of support that they needed. In their turn, CSOs took on multiple tasks after the invasion, most often seen in their impromptu efforts to provide emergency assistance, use their communication platforms as points of information and coordination, and to expand upon their technical competencies to develop wartime relevant programming.

Read the full survey summary by the link below.