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Key findings of the national corruption perception and experience poll 2023
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Pact presents key findings based on the disaggregated analysis of the latest round of the Civic Engagemnt Poll, conducted in summer 2022 under the USAID/ENGAGE Activity.
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While Ukrainians Acknowledge the Importance of CSOs and Engage More in Their Activities, CSOs Need to Build Trust


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The primary development challenge that the ENGAGE activity addresses is the lack of citizen awareness and engagement in civic activities. ENGAGE also works towards a broader goal of improving citizen oversight and engagement in governance processes.

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What We Do

In 2022, USAID/ENGAGE adapted its activities to help our partners make an impact as influencers, watchdogs, conveners, and communicators in areas of civic education, the rule of law, anti-corruption, European integration, policy analysis, countering Russia’s disinformation, and the protection of vulnerable and marginalized groups. Since the outbreak of Russia’s invasion, we have awarded $1,7 million to help 51 CSO partners address war consequences. Through mentorship and technical assistance, we aided 28 CSOs in pivoting their activities to provide humanitarian assistance to over 80,000 people. ENGAGE partners advocated for 22 policy changes on local and national levels, including those that prevented the roll-back of the anti-corruption and rule of law reforms. With USAID/ENGAGE’s and its civil society partners’ direct input, the Ministry of Education and Science piloted a new mandatory civic education course for 5th graders. To ensure that the content of the course is effectively delivered to children, our partners trained over 130 teachers in modern approaches to teach civics. Moreover, USAID/ENGAGE partners created free education opportunities for more than 87,000 children allowing for an uninterrupted education process while Ukrainian schools were struggling to adapt to the wartime realities. During this difficult year, ENGAGE partners conducted over 200 public events engaging over 4,900 participants, including 2,500 Ukrainian youngsters in civic education activities. Our partners have published over 2,300 analytical and media materials that debunk Kremlin-sponsored propaganda, document war crimes, reveal collaborators, and analyze war-time legislation reaching an audience of more than 12 million citizens with key societal and personal security issues.