CEP Spring-Summer 2023

War-Affected Ukrainians Diverge on Post-War Priorities, Yet Stand United in Repelling Aggression and Supporting Future Recovery
#ActForHeritage: Second Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Forum

Second Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Forum #ActForHeritage returns to Kyiv
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The primary development challenge that the ENGAGE activity addresses is the lack of citizen awareness and engagement in civic activities. ENGAGE also works towards a broader goal of improving citizen oversight and engagement in governance processes.

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What We Do

In 2023, ENGAGE provided support to 56 civil society organizations, facilitating the implementation of 82 projects with a total funding exceeding USD 13.5 million. Our partners played a crucial role during this time, offering essential assistance to 615,000 citizens and disbursing USD 5 million in emergency financial aid. Their efforts encompassed evacuations, medical support, access to food, shelter, education, and more, aiming to aid Ukrainians amid wartime challenges. Successful advocacy efforts resulted in 20 policy changes at both national and local levels, covering areas such as anticorruption, transparency, EU integration, inclusion, social cohesion, and civic education. Over the course of the year, our partners conducted over 470 public events attended by almost 11,942 participants, including 8,193 unique participants. They also published over 4,200 analytical and media materials reaching over 51,1 million individuals contributing to a well-informed public discourse. The impact of ENGAGE and our partners extended globally, marked by 495 high-level international meetings and 633 appearances in international media. These efforts were instrumental in garnering increased political and humanitarian support for Ukraine. Notably, we hosted the inaugural Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Forum #ActForHeritage, bringing together voices from civil society, the cultural community, government, and international actors to launch a platform to preserve Ukraine’s rich cultural heritage. Our pilot photo verification project Providence implemented in partnership with Truepic and Anti-Corruption Headquarters, helped to identify the damages of 563 cultural objects and facilitated the opening of 10 criminal proceedings aimed at serving justice and facilitating future reconstruction. In addition to these initiatives, our traditional Civic Engagement Poll and the Corruption Perception and Experience Poll provided valuable insights into the needs of Ukrainians, empowering civil society actors with actionable data to better serve citizens.