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While Ukrainians Acknowledge the Importance of CSOs and Engage More in Their Activities, CSOs Need to Build Trust
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The primary development challenge that the ENGAGE activity addresses is the lack of citizen awareness and engagement in civic activities. ENGAGE also works towards a broader goal of improving citizen oversight and engagement in governance processes.

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What We Do

In 2016, we started ENGAGE with an ambitious goal to increase citizens’ awareness of and engagement in civic activities on the national, regional, and grassroots levels. We zoomed in to empower each person’s voices and help them take the path of change in their communities, become more demanding towards authorities, and develop a sense of ownership of their country. Sustainable solutions, policy changes, and vibrant civil society are part of our legacy. Throughout 6 years of our activity, we provided support to 214 local CSO partners and 21 coalitions pursuing civil society-led agendas across different areas, including judiciary and anti-corruption reforms, fostering European integration, and addressing pressing local community issues. Number of policy changes effectively advocated by ENGAGE partners both at the national and local levels is 130. With the support from ENGAGE local partners were able to tap into innovative and out-of-the-box solutions engaging over 50, 000 citizens in activities promoting grassroots activism and civic education, as well as engaging them in democratic governance reforms and active civic life. We are set to continue our endeavors in developing a strong civil society during wartime and beyond to secure the prosperous future of free and democratic Ukraine and its citizens.