Civil society news, June 27

On June 25, historic negotiations for Ukraine’s membership to the European Union began. This marks the penultimate and most challenging stage for the country and civil society, who have fought for this opportunity for decades. 

This week, we will explore how Ukrainian society supports the EU accession process and advocates for Ukraine’s victory in its war with Russia. We will also share updates about our exhibition “Ukraine in Miniature,” which recently opened in Finland. 

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Ukrainians are generally enthusiastic about joining the European Union. According to a survey by Razumkov Center, 84% of citizens express support for Ukraine’s EU accession. Meanwhile, 23% believe Ukraine will join the EU within the next 1-3 years. Another 27% of respondents anticipate that the negotiations and ultimate voting process will take 3-5 years, while 15% believe that it will require 5-10 years.

Civil society news

Center for Civil Liberties Calls for Increased Military Assistance to Ukraine 

Last week, Oleksandra Matviichuk, leader of Center for Civil Liberties (CCL), joined a discussion organized by the White House during her visit to United States. The topic of discussion was instances of sexual violence that occured during wartime. Matviichuk stressed that increased military assistance to Ukraine would help reduce war crimes, including sexual violence. The event featured Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States.

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The Democratic Initiatives Foundation Analyzes the Main Threats to Information Security 

On June 21, the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation hosted a briefing on trends and risks in Ukraine and Europe’s information space. Speakers examined key cybersecurity challenges, including recent Russian attacks aimed at influencing the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland and the European Parliament elections. Consequently, the majority of recent Russian information attacks have targeted Europe. 

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Center for Civil Liberties Emphasizes the Necessity for Legal Protection of the LGBT+ Community 

On June 17, the Center for Civil Liberties hosted a panel discussion titled “Legislative Support of LGBTIQ+ People’s Rights in Ukraine.” The event aimed to underscore the importance of the draft law regarding civil partnerships and hate crime legislation, critical for Ukraine to comply with EU standards. 

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The Association of Mothers and Wives of Ukrainian Defenders Conducts Research on the Challenges Faced by Ukrainian Veterans’ Families 

On June 20, the Association of Mothers and Wives of Ukrainian Defenders conducted an online presentation of the survey titled “Issues and Current Needs of Women from Ukrainian Veterans’ Families.” The survey revealed that respondents’ main concerns include difficulties in receiving medical care for veterans, the psychological strain within families, and widespread societal indifference. Additionally, most respondents are unfamiliar with social support programs (74%). Other guarantees stipulated by law, such as free prescription medications and sanatorium treatment, are not extended to them. 

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Exhibition “Ukraine in Miniature” in Finland Draws Attention to the Importance of Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage 

On June 25 in Seinäjoki, Finland, the grand opening of our exhibition, “Ukraine in Miniature, took place. This interactive exhibition highlights the significance of Ukraine’s immovable cultural heritage, currently under threat due to Russia’s full-scale invasion. Through 29 miniature 3D models, videos, and a VR tour, the exhibition showcases Ukraine’s cultural landmarks, including buildings destroyed due to Russia’s aggression. 


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Ukrainians’ Unwavering Path Toward the EU 

Ukraine’s integration into the European Union is a significant goal for Ukraine, driven not only by economic and political considerations but also by shared democratic values and national identity. The article by Carnegie’s Ukrainian Voices discusses Ukraine’s historical aspirations to join the EU, dating back to its independence. 

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