Post-Project Epoch, PlatForum Results and Youth Engagement: Learn With USAID/ENGAGE and Its Partners

December 5 is coming! And it means that ISAR Ednannia will bring together thousands of representatives of civil society, international organizations, donors, government, media and business for the Civil Society Organization Development Forum. This year, our team together with partners developed a set of interesting speeches. The event is a great opportunity to discuss new approaches and instruments of donors in supporting sectoral sustainability, the role of trust and engagement, effectiveness indicators, and the key findings from the PlatForum on a dialogue between CSOs and the newly elected Parliament and Government of Ukraine.

USAID/ENGAGE will speak on the sessions “Post-project epoch: How Are Approaches and Instruments of Donors in Supporting Sector Sustainability Changing?” (Roland Kovats, 15:45–17:15) and “Discussion on 7% or Trust and Engagement as Universal Sectoral KPIs” (Olena Rybyi, 14:00–15:30). Results and findings of USAID/ENGAGE PlatForum will be presented (timing and format currently discussed with ISAR Ednannia). Pact’s project “Women of Ukraine: heard, capable, resilient” funded by Global Affairs Canada will host a session on the role of NGOs in combatting gender-based violence. Pact will also present new initiative “Women’s Voice and Leadership”. Mariia Nasiedkina, Founder of CSO “Dyvovyzhni” will speak on challenges faces by civil society organizations, including financial sustainability, work-life balance and physical attacks on the activists (11:30 – 13:00, discussion on civil society sustainability). CASE Ukraine will present a budget simulator for communities as a tool that presents complex figures about available budget resources in an accessible form for ordinary citizens. This tool allows to track the real needs of the community, helps to increase the efficiency of budget expenditures and promotes financial literacy of citizens. Kateryna Ganus from Ukrainian Leadership Academy (ULA) will speak about leadership skills development and active citizenship of youth, presenting cases of participatory budget projects implemented by ULA (15:45 – 17:15, “Candy Shop” / “Tsukernia” session). Serhii Mytkalyk from Anti-corruption Headquarters will share tips on developing and using digital instruments in CSOs activities, based on their experience with “Anticorruption map of repairs”, “Public servant Taras” and “Hidden interests’ tools (14:00 – 15:30 workshop). CSO “Change Communication” will discuss communication approaches aiming at general public messaging (15:45 – 17:15 workshop). Svitlana Kolodii from the CSO “Global Office” will share crowdfunding tips for civil society organizations (15:45 – 17:15 workshop). Transparency International Ukraine will run a “Transparent Cities” simulation game for the forum participants, showcasing public participation tools (e.g. public hearings, e-petitions) for local development (15:45 – 17:15).

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