Working in the Public Sector

If you feel ready to change yourself, the country and the world – work on your resume for the public sector (NGO). Employers in this sphere are attracted by people who cannot avoid injustice, do not turn a blind eye to problems and want to change the country for the better. You should also go into this field when you feel you have the energy and strength to improve something and do not expect a quick impact. This process may usually take a long time, sometimes you should be ready to have a project or initiative that might not live up to your personal expectations. Avoiding burnout proficiency is another quality that helps to work effectively in the NGO. You should pay attention to your rational desires and abilities rather than trying to save the entire world. Only in this case you can benefit society.

Looking for such job can take some time, because it is important to find an organization that is close in values. For example, in Lviv working in the public sector starts from an internship or even volunteering in certain projects and programs. Many organizations involve active students, schoolchildren and youth in their work.

In Kherson you can find a job in the public sector by asking the NGO if they need any help in program implementation, fundraising or networking. You should also pay attention to teams that are constantly growing, developing and especially those, who have an initiative that brings people together. To do this, you should monitor the progress of the team, read news on the site, be aware of their events and attend them. It is critical to share the values ​​and mission of a specific organization

However, working in the public sector in Kyiv is often perceived as a hobby or just activism. It’s worth noting that most often the workload and efforts of such hobby are equal to the full-time job, if not more (provided that you love your job). A simple working day of an employee in this sphere can consist, for example, out of organizing a large-scale event, drafting a monthly monitoring report, writing a material for publication, accepting dozens of calls, working on logistics, etc. That means that flexibility, big picture thinking and being ready for change are essential. Of course, the most important feature of such activity is the ability to communicate with people and get on well with them. After all, the more people know about your activities, the more supporters can be found.

Another public sector work characteristic, particularly in Kherson region, is an expertise in a certain field. For example, urban planning, anti-corruption, investigation of illegal schemes of the public authorities, struggle for the environment, etc. It helps to focus on a certain problem and organize your activity in the right way to solve it. Communication efforts should be aimed at increasing the organization’s popularity among journalists, activists and your target audience.

So, before you try your hand at working in the public sector, consider whether your job and the organization you intend to join to would be an effective mechanism.

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