Analytical Memo. Materialism And Love Of Freedom: Ukrainian Values At The Onset Of The Pandemic Outbreak

The USAID/ENGAGE Civic Engagement Poll findings demonstrate that Ukrainians face moral dilemmas in their daily life choices. As a result of heightened public health security, like elsewhere around the world, Ukrainian citizens might be facing the challenge of democratic backsliding.[1] As coronavirus cases mushroom, the state focuses more on disaster prevention and human rights and the rule of law might left more and more unprotected, putting Ukrainians’ citizenship skills to test. Citizens’ values can help understand the fundamental beliefs that together constitute the departure point to democratic and economic progress. Find more in our analytical memo bellow.

[1] 2020 World Press Freedom Index: “Entering a decisive decade for journalism, exacerbated by coronavirus”

Reporters Without Borders (RSF). Retrieved from: and COVID-19 Civic Freedom Tracker, ICNL. Retrieved from:

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